Helping you achieve your optimum level of health and physical function

Geriatric Re-Conditioning

For most older adults, their greatest desire is to stay as independent as possible, for as long as possible. Maintaining optimum wellness is the key to this goal, and at the heart of a healthy lifestyle is exercise. Elderly functional rehabilitation is the solution.

At Performance Physical Therapy of Naples, Inc., seniors can exercise in a safe, comfortable environment, even in the presence of orthopedic, neurologic, or other medical conditions. Without exercise, it is difficult to effectively combat the typical diseases that accompany aging such as cardiovascular issues, diabetes, metabolic disorders, or joint problems. With our Geriatric Wellness and Conditioning we can help with:

  • Helping older adults be proactive instead of reactive in their medical care.
  • Promote cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health in a safe environment.
  • Encourage bone mineralization and joint health with progressive weight bearing activity.
  • Overcome the mobility issues that accompany de-conditioning.
  • Improve confidence and functional capacity by gait training in a comfortable, fall-safe environment.
  • Decrease fall risks by increasing exercise activity and improving strength and balance.
  • Combat depression and encourage a more positive outlook on aging by restoring and maintaining health for older adults.