Helping you achieve your optimum level of health and physical function

Sport Specific Rehabilitation

Returning to a sports program can often be intimidating after suffering even a minor injury. Let us help you take away some of the worrying. After we have received a prescription from your physician, our Sport Specific Rehabilitation Program will begin with an Evaluation to determine if there is any residual musculoskeletal impairment that may be present from a previous injury or surgery. The next step is to establish a functional baseline by having the athlete perform several standardized tests so this information can quantify deficits and help establish goals to achieve during subsequent training sessions.

All athletes will work with a Licensed Physical Therapists to help them achieve their optimum level of health and physical function. Not only will we personalize an exercise program for each athlete, we will incorporate stretching, ultrasound, e-stim, hot and cold therapy if needed and other modalities at our offices to help you return to your sport safely.