Choice 2015 Gold

Patients Choice Winner 2015


Carol H.

I had a lot of anxiety the first day I walked into Performance PT in East Naples. I didn't know what to expect. The people at the registration desk made me feel very comfortable and they always smiled. They were very friendly. I was then introduced to my therapist, Phil Standhart. He was very professional and understanding to my needs and very patient with me.

I had just finished 36 days in a PT Rehab center and was very apprehensive about my recovery. However, after my first couple of sessions I was at ease. While my therapy was very painful, Phil made it easier to endure with his personality and sense of humor. My range of motion for my total knee replacement improved dramatically. If it wasn't for Phil and other staff members like Katie, I would not be where I am today. I was given 150% and HOPE. I would highly recommend Performance Physical Therapy of Naples, Inc.

Carol H.

"My Therapist, Chris, was persistent with the treatment I needed to obtain a complete healthy recovery. All the staff was friendly and helpful. I will recommend Performance PT to all my friends."

Jackie M.

"Tina was very responsive to my overall condition and helped me get through a very successful recovery from my knee replacement surgery."

Dorothy S.

"Everything was great and I am very impressed with my results. I highly recommend Performance Physical Therapy of Naples."

John C.

"I have been fortunate to have Patricia Barral as my physical therapist. She is a true professional who knows her craft. Her sense of humor and compassion for the patient is outstanding. I have witnessed the same qualities in the other therapists as well. I would not go anywhere else for physical therapy."

Paul C.

"Thank you, Jorge, for your guidance of my recovery from shoulder surgery. You and everyone at PPT have been very encouraging and supportive, as well as competent."

Vicky N.

"This was my first experience with physical therapy. I had lower back pain that just did not seem to diminish and I wanted to return to bowling and tennis. I was helped a great deal by my therapist who was patient and guided me through each step of the recovery process with good explanations of what I needed to do and why I needed to do it. I feel more confident now that I know preventative measures as well as recovery measures to stay in good shape and prevent future incidents."

Kathleen D.

"Whether this is your first time or not going through physical thearpy, PPT is definitely the way to go. From day one you get the attention and thorough assesment of your individual recovery. More importantly, the friendly staff and encouraging therapists make this sometimes difficult process managable and enjoyable. They know how to keep spirits up and get the results needed for proper recovery. In the unfortunate event I would need more physical therapy, it would definitely be with Performance Physical Therapy of Naples."


"If you are in need of Physical Therapy to correct or improve some function of your body, choose Performance Physical Therapy of Naples. Their locations are convenient, clean, well equipped and staffed by certified, knowledgeable and friendly people."

Roy H.

"Performance Physical Therapy of Naples has been the best and most important thing that has happened to me for rehabilitation since my total knee replacement four months ago. The entire staff at the East Naples facility helped me reach the goal set for me and my therapist, Patricia, was outstanding. My experience at PPT was really great and I highly recommend their facility."

Audrey D.

"I came to the Town Centre office Labor Day week 2010. Following shoulder surgery and unable to move my right side at all, Jorge magically had me at full motion and back to driving within 8 weeks. Three visits a week and home therapy was something I was afraid of. Thanks to all of Jorge's advice and treatment, I am delighted to say, I am a new person. I would recommend Performance Physical Therapy of Naples to anyone in need of rehabilitation."

Cathie K.

"It was so easy to set up my appointments, also I noticed how clean it was. My physical therapist made me feel very relaxed and was very proficient. Everyone was very friendly."

Bette W.

"Overall great experience, Phil Standhart made the whole experience fun! I was not looking forward to having physical therapy at the beginning but found it to be both beneficial and enjoyable. Thank you Phil!"

Jesse B.

"If you require physical therapy, it does not get any better than Performance Physical Therapy of Naples located in the Liberty Plaza. I received excellent care from a very professional staff. My treatment progress was outstanding."

Michael I.

"I just completed my first experience with physical therapy. Being unsure of how much this would help, I must say I was 100% impressed with PPT of Naples in the Town Center Plaza. All my questions were answered in a knowledgeable, professional manner. Positive encouragement and praise is used by all the therapists in a unique manner. This is the place for anyone looking for either physical therapy on a regular basis or therapy for a specific time period. If necessary, in the future, Performance Physical Therapy of Naples will be my choice."

Kathy I.

"I cannot thank you enough for the amazing treatment I received at Performance Physical Therapy. The healing was most certainly quickened by the warmth given to me by Jorge and Lisette. I looked forward to my appointments and almost hated to graduate. Jorge is a real "Pro" and a very nice guy, he gave wonderful advice to avoid future injury. This was a very positive experience for me and I do not hesitate to recommend PPT of Naples to my friends and family."

Rebecca W.

"I found Lorena Bolanos, my therapist to be most helpful, encouraging and with a sense of humor. I certainly enjoyed working with her. In the future, if I ever need therapy I would return to Performance Physical Therapy of Naples. I found all employees astute and helpful."

John L.

"I highly recommend Performance Physical Therapy of Naples to anyone and everyone who needs therapy treatment. I know you will be receiving the very best from the entire staff. I am happy to recommend them."

Gwendolyn Y.

"Due to many surgeries I was require to have extensive therapy for a while. I still remember how hard it was at the beginning of my treatment, I was in a lot of pain and also getting used to attending therapy almost every day was difficult, physically and mentally. That was when I met Chris Newell; since the beginning he was always there for me, pushing me to the limit, giving me courage that I needed to go forward. He didn't give up even if sometimes I was a 'little pain'. fter 8 months of seeing them 3 times a week, they have made a difference in my life. You can actually see the 'before' and 'after' in me, thank you Chris. I also want to thank Lorena, Patricia and my girls in the front office.

They were there when I needed them and they will be there for you as well. You will be so happy to know that you are being cared for by Performance Physical Therapy, the best in Naples!"

Evelyn P.

"I came in three weeks ago with hip, thigh and groin pain possibly preparing for a right hip operation. Three weeks later, the groin pain was gone. I also had involved tendinitis and with the treatment I was given and exercises that I am now able to do, I am in much better shape to go through my hip surgery in the near future and a great knowledge of proper stretching for my life time. Do not hesitate to come here, They all know what your needs are."

Beverly L.