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Home Exercise Programs

Physical therapy aims to restore or improve range of motion, muscle strength or physical condition after a reduction in the body’s ability to move; it also proves valuable as a pain management technique. In very general terms, physical therapy retrains the body to move as before or to the best of its current ability after an illness, accident or injury.  This retraining most often takes place over an extended period.

As with any other long-term medical treatment, this therapy rarely works with office appointments alone. At Performance Physical Therapy of Naples, Inc., your therapist will incorporate a home exercise program for you to follow. The home exercise program is just as important as the office appointments – appointments are the guide, but home exercise is the work.

Exercising at home conditions the body between your physical therapy visits. In addition, it also limbers and strengthens the body. If a person relies only on visits to a physical therapist and does not perform home exercise, the body will not build improved function or retain muscle memory between visits. The reason the body accomplishes increased levels of mobility at each therapy appointment comes from the exercises performed between the visits.